Summertime! When the sun is out and the temperatures are high. For some of us, it’s summer every other day but well. *cheesy grin* I know the title says 5 which too many hairstyles considering summer is barely 3 months but here are some hairstyles you can definitely draw inspiration from for the season. Plus, they are in vogue and very weather appropriate.

 Beaded braids

This is one of the hairstyles that will begin to see more in a few weeks or months. So, why not beat everyone to it and try it first. I like the 90s vibes it gives plus the beads and accessories, just awesome!  

Faux locs

They are a switch from regular braids and a great protective style. If you have survived under wigs all these months, then it’s time to allow you hair some fallow period where it is not being manipulated every other weekend. This will allow your hair to grow and repair itself.

Short blunt bob

This is also a style that will be very trendy this summer. Why? Because the temperatures are quite higher than normal. This means you’ll be generating more sweat and at this time, you really don’t want a hairstyle that will cover your entire neck and make the heat even more unbearable.

Crotchet braids

Crotchet braids will forever be trendy because there will be people like me who cannot sit for hours to get our hair done. If you fall into this category or you’re just too busy to sit for hours in the saloon. Then crotchet braids will work for you plus there are variety of style to choose from and you can contact me here for yours.


I know I’m tired of wigs. I mean I like the ‘walk into the house and off the wig feel’ but then I’m also tired of putting on my wig every time I have to step out. But, I know there still individuals that are enthused by wigs and I must admit wigs are appropriate for summer, think about it; you don’t have to worry about wetting your hair while swimming. When the temperature gets too high, you can give yourself a break. There are so many types of wigs you can try as well and I wrote an article on wig care the other day. You can read that here.

All images used in this post are from google.

I hope these hairstyles will help narrow down your choices for the doubting Thomas’ and oh, you’re welcome. Let me know if you’re getting any of these but in the meantime, guess which one I’m getting. The first to guess might just win a price. *wink*