I’ve always never struggled to get my hair done. I’ve tried everything – from getting a haircut to fixing my own weaves. I remember when I used to be much younger, some people found it difficult to believe that I’m able to put my own hair in cornrows so, they’ll jokingly refer to it as ‘witchcraft’. Once or twice, people suggested I take off my head (yes! I mean my entire head off my shoulders) put it on my laps and braid and braid my hair. I mean how crazy is that?! Oh well..

But we’re in a new ‘age’ where almost every girl knows something about hairstyling and the talented few can cook up hairstyles from start to finish. But trust me, it’s not always about talent. Somethings ca be learnt! So, I put together the top 5 things every 21st century lady should know about hairstyling. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do one or two of these, I’ve linked the best tutorials I found on each of them. Enjoy!

  • Laying edges theantwiwaa.com

You’ll be amazed the number of people who can’t lay their edges PROPERLY. I know someone wo can’t and she’ll probably read this. Hehe. It’s one thing if you’re not about laid edges and all that. But if you decide to lay your edges please do it the right way. Here’s a good tutorial I found on laying your edges. You can WATCH IT HERE.

  • Cornrows theantwiwaa.com

Let me be clear on this. Cornrows do not involve genetics or special talent. Yes, those things may be helpful but really, it’s not rocket science. It simply requires practice like all other new tasks. It’ll come in handy when you just have to throw on a wig but don’t want the bumpy look. Cornrows are the basis for most hairstyles so it’ll do you a lot of good if you learn it. I found a very easy step by step cornrow tutorial HERE.

  • Crotchet theantwiwaa.com

Honestly, if you can’t crotchet your hair at this time, then I don’t know what you’ve been doing. I’m not trying to collapse businesses but we all have days when we just don’t want to be at the saloon. On those days, hairstyles like crotchet braids will come in handy. Especially, if you can do it yourself. Catch up with the rest of us HERE . lol

  • Sleek back ponytails theantwiwaa.com

If you have long hair then this shouldn’t be a problem and neither should it be for my girls with Teeny Weeny Afros. You can easily switch up your look with a nicely sleeked back ponytail. Plus, there are so many detachable ponytails if you feel your hair isn’t long enough. Do yourself a favor and LEARN IT.

  • Basic hair care theantwiwaa.com

Yes, we all love to be pampered once in a while, have our hair washed by someone while getting a scalp massage in the process. But girl, how often can you make it to the saloon to have your hair washed or deep conditioned? I honestly think it’s not worth the trip. Get yourself some good hair products and start a healthy hair routine. It’ll save you time and money. Unless, your hair needs treatment, I think it’s okay to wash your hair in your bathroom.

It’s not about being stingy. It’s about being able to put yourself together in urgent situations. So, if you still want to have your edges done by a professional, go for it! 8i’m not trying to ruin businesses. I just feel like the stylist may not always be at your service (unless you’re Rihanna) lol.

Why not have some basic skills on your finger tips for rainy days. I hope this post is helpful. Your feedback will be very appreciated. Unless next time, happy new month and