Last year, the harmattan played me. But never again! So December 31ST 2015, the harmattan was all gone, the air was fine, no form of dryness or anything. February came along, all friendly and chilly. Then just like that, from nowhere the dryness was back. Full force! Even the trees were taken by surprise. It was like waking up in an entirely different city. One day it's all green and the next day it's the Sahara Desert outside. I had some oils for my skin and a lip balm (wasn't good enough), my lips were dry half the time. Long and short of the story is, the harmattan was back and I wasn't ready. I tried out a few scrubs here and there and eventually, I found something that works! The coffee lip scrub! Why should you bother exfoliating your lips? Well, we need to scrub our skin to get rid of dead layers and maintain young looking skin, the same applies to our lips. This scrub leaves your lips moist and it retains its moisture all day. All the ingredients used are natural, so it is safer and gentler on the skin. Goodbye chapped lips and say hello to a new set of lips this season!


  • 1 spoon of grounded coffee
  • 1 spoon of olive oil
  • Some Shea butter or petroleum jelly

Mix the coffee and olive oil into a fine paste and you're good to go! Experts say, the best time to exfoliate your lips is before bed time and this is my routine;

1. Wash your face to take off all makeup.

2. Rub the scrub gently on your lips for some seconds (using your fingers).

3. Leave the scrub for 5 - 10 minutes; read a book or learn a new song while it works on your lip.

4. Gently wash off the scrub.

5. Throw on a generous layer petroleum jelly or Shea butter on your lip before you get into bed.

The next morning, you wake up with a gorgeous and smooth pair of lips ready to face the weather.

To make the most out of this scrub, you need to use it twice a week. This is for the bunch who intend to actually use this scrub. Come back here and tell us about your before and after. I bet you'll have something to say! If you enjoyed this post, do well to share it on Facebook or Twitter and I will see you next week with something more exciting. But in the meantime, have you had any bad experience with harmattan? I'd like to know.