Wigs are life savers. For when you have to rush to lectures or you just don’t have hours to spare in the salon. I’m sure every girl owns at least one wig and like most of us, you haven’t found the right way to care for it. I’m not saying I have. I’m still experimenting and learning but here are some mistakes I’ve made in the past in relation to wigs. These mistakes have cost me a lot of money considering the fact that I’m a girl with a budget and if it were up to me, I won’t want any other girl to make these mistakes.

As they say, it’s better to learn from peoples mistakes. 

  • LEAVING YOUR WIGS IN THE OPEN theantwiwaa.com

I know this might not seem important. I mean everyone hangs their wigs. What were wig stands and mannequin heads made for? But before you brush this point aside, think about our side of the world. There’s so much dust in the air and your wigs are not safe in the open. I remember leaving my wig on the mannequin head all harmattan and you can imagine the damage it caused. It became hard ad dry. So, save yourself the trouble. When your wig is not in use, bag it nicely to prevent dust from getting into it and you still insist on keeping it on a wig stand. Tend to it regularly, dust off particles and condition regularly to preserve moisture.

  • KEEPING YOUR WIG ON ALL THE TIME theantwiwaa.com

Once, I bought a high-tex fiber wig. I loved the curls and it could pass for human hair. I loved it. But because I loved it a lot, I wore it all day even when I went to the gym. I remember sleeping in it a few times. Soon it was badly tangled, it had lost its shine and the curls well, they didn’t look as beautiful. Long and short of the story is; my wig was damaged beyond repair even before it was a month old. So, avoid wearing your wig all the time. When you have to work out, don’t do it with your wig on. Never sleep with your wig on either. Just because you spent a lot of money on a wig doesn’t mean you should wear it 2 months in a row. Give it a break. The more breaks your wigs get the longer it’ll last.


We all love rich bouncy curls once in a while and there’s nothing wrong with that. But as many times as you can avoid using heat on your wigs (human hair or not). Just as too much heat as damages our hair, it also does the same or worse to our wigs. Instead use benders or rollers to curl your hair overnight. You achieve the same curly look while maintaining the texture of your wig. theantwiwaa.com

I hope you learn from my mistakes and save yourself some time and money. Have you had any bad experience with wigs? Feel free to leave a comment so we can also learn from you. Until next time