Using dirty makeup brushes is bad for your skin. That, we all know and honestly, I hadn’t made a habit of frequently cleaning my brushes which could be the reason for my inexplicable breakouts. But now more than ever, I’m determined to clean my brushes at least 2-3 times a month especially now that I’ve found a very easy inexpensive way to do that.

I spend quite some time on social media so, barely anything escapes me and I’ve come across makeup brands that sell makeup cleansers and stuff like that. I’ve never bothered to enquire about the price mainly because cleaning my makeup brushes wasn’t really my priority (big mistake, I know). But now that I’m more concerned about my skin, it’s probably one of the most important things I can’t afford to leave out. After a bit of research, try and error (because know Ido the 'dirty jobs' and give you the best I can) I’ve found one makeup brush cleanser that works! I repeat, it works like magic!

You’ll need;

Olive oil

Body wash/hand wash

A plate or bowl

A spoon

  • Pour 1 table spoon of body wash and ½ table spoon of olive oil into a bowl.
  • Dip your brush bristles into lukewarm water then immerse the bristles into your olive oil and body wash solution.
  • Move the brush in circles like you’re mixing the solution. You’d notice immediately that the makeup begins to come off.
  • Repeat the circular motion for a few more seconds and rise your bristles thoroughly until the water running over it is clear.
  • Position your brush vertically, bristles facing downwards. This step is important to prevent water from getting into the ferrule (the middle tube that holds the bristles) of the brush as that will weaken thee bristles and cause them to fall off.
  • Repeat the procedure for all your other brushes and allow them to dry properly and viola!

Why should you clean your brushes regularly?

  •  You save your skin from bacterial infection as not washing your brushes can accumulate bacteria.
  • Dirty brushes can lead to breakouts or skin irritation.
  • Finally, you may just end up clogging your pores with dirty makeup brushes, otherwise your makeup will get muddy by the day.

I hope this very easy makeup cleanser puts you in the habit of cleaning your brushes as often as possible. Let me know what you think after trying this out because why on earth will you sit on this!??

Until next time, eat right, care for your skiN and don’t forget to infect others with your smile.