I’ve never had major breakouts but I’ve occasional had a pimple here and there and I must admit that I’ve tried several face scrubs and facial routines. Some, were amazing but others, well…

Last month, I made some minor changes to my general skin care while maintaining the same facial routine and I’ve had really great results which makes me believe that having clear smooth skin doesn’t completely depend on a good facial routine even though it counts. So, if you’ve been struggling with break outs or dull skin, these minor changes may help out.

DISCLAIMER; some people breakout due to hormones and (or) menstruation. For those cases, the changes I speak about may not play a major role in curbing breakouts.

  • Keep your face moisturized theantwiwaa.com

In the past, I used to skip moisturizing my face with the excuse that I have oily skin and my moisturizer will only make my face more oily but after I started moisturizing my face after bathing both in the morning and evenings, I’ve noticed my skin has a new glow. Plus, moisturizing right before I use makeup helps my makeup glide on nicely.

  • Stick to one facial routine theantwiwaa.com

As I said in the earlier, a facial routine doesn’t do the trick but it definitely is important. I also said I’d tried so many products on my face and now I know I was making a mistake. Once you’ve found a routine that works, stick to it, allow the products reach their maximum potential. It’s not magic. Give your skin time to adapt and give the product time to do its job.

  • Wash your sheets and pillow cases regularly theantwiwaa.com

Your bedding accumulates products from things like conditioner, sweat or even product you use on a daily basis. Using the same pillow case over a long period of time makes your skin more prone to acne or irritation.

  • Wash your makeup brushes theantwiwaa.com

I discovered a very easy inexpensive way to clean my makeup brushes and I’ve been doing it very often. Since my makeup brushes are always in contact with my skin especially my foundation brush, they can easily affect my skin due to old makeup buildup or even dirt. Cleaning my brushes is definitely something my skin is grateful for!

  • Stop popping pimples theantwiwaa.com

I’m sure you’ve heard experts ask that we keep our hands off our faces and trust me, they know exactly what they’re talking about. I hate it when I get a pimple and popping it gives me a lot of pleasure. It feels like yh b! I just defeated that Satan! Little did I know that popping the pimples only worsened everything. Avoid popping your pimple, it only causes the infection to go deeper, rather, wash your face with a clean towel when the pimple is ripe ( I know. Me and my choice of words) to drain it.

As I said, these changes aren’t major like moving to another city but they’ve gone a long way to give me healthy beautiful skin. I stuck to these changes and my face feels and looks different. I can’t tell which of them is the reason for the changes but I know they all play a role.

If you struggle with acne or dull skin, incorporate these little changes and they may help you too. Don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t so you don’t miss anything. Love y’all and see you soon.