Unless you’re a beauty guru, you probably don’t have a stack of lipsticks and you really don’t need to. After experimenting with lip shades, I can boldly say there are 3 timeless lipstick shades that can take you through every season and event. Because let’s face it, aside shoots and specific events most lipstick shades aren’t very practical.

These 3 shades are universal, timeless and definitely must haves in my opinion;

  • A CLASSIC RED theantwiwaa.com

You can never go wrong with a classic red. Plus, there are so many brands and shades to choose from. I tone my red down by using it all over my lip and then applying a little bit of pink lipstick over it. And then, for bolder or darker look, you can3 line your lips with black or dark brown lip pencil and then slap on your red lippie and you have a different look! A red lipstick is great for adding a pop of colour to a dull outfit. theantwiwaa.com

  • A NUDE theantwiwaa.com

There really isn’t any specific nude lippie for everyone. It varies depending on your skin tone but I find that my nude lipstick is one that I use from day to day. It comes in handy all the time.  A little pink or red over this lipstick and you have the ‘Ombre effect’. Again, by lining your lip with dark brown or a black lip liner, you can attain that very dark brown shade which is absolutely sassy. Nude lipsticks go well with really heavy eye makeup. It is also perfect if you want the no makeup makeup look. theantwiwaa.com

  • PINK theantwiwaa.com

Honestly, pink isn’t my favourite lip color. So, this shade is a little on the peachy side. I feel like pink makes me look ‘flat’.  I’m yet to find a shade that doesn’t. Aside that, pink lipstick looks very good on a lot of people. It is that perfect balance between a bold red and nude lipsticks, it is perfect on its own. But a combination of pink and nude or pink and red also creates absolutely stunning shades. theantwiwaa.com

I also find that mixing all 3; red, nude and pink, gives me a dark purple color which I love!

All in all, your really do not need so many lipsticks, go ahead if you think you do, I won’t stop you. But I feel like there are a lot of shades you can ‘create’ with these 3 lipsticks and a couple of lip liners. You just have to know what works, in what amount and all that will take a little bit of practice. Which is totally worth it by the way. theantwiwaa.com

You just found out my 3 favourite lipsticks of all time. What is yours? Leave a comment, let’s get interactive!