Tailored pants are back and I'm obsessed! Right from the skinnies to the wide-leg trousers. As long as they are comfortable. They have my attention.

But let's be honest. I don't think I can splurge all my money on every tailored pants I see and I will definitely not want that for you. I mean, who doesn't want to save some money once in a while. So for my first DIY, I decided to revamp my pants and yes you can too!

And since it's the first, I'm keeping it simple and very doable. So don't worry, you don't need to have a degree in sewing. Baby steps my darling, baby steps.

By the way, the idea came to me (yes, it really did) lol after I saw something similar on Instagram and you know I won’t let it slide. So let's get straight into business.

YOU WILL NEED: tailored pants, some pearls, thread and needle and a pair scissors


STEP 1: Thread your needle.

STEP 2: Mark the points on the pants where the pearls will be. I suggest about (7-9) pearls per leg.


STEP 3: Knot the end of the thread and start sewing from the inside. Sew on the pearl and knot the end on the inside. Cut the thread and repeat for the next point.

theantwiwaa.com theantwiwaa.com

and voila!

I paired my trousers with an oversized white long sleeves shirt and a pair of white shoes. Do leave a comment if you will like to see how I got this off shoulder look. Feel free to try it out. It's very simple and I'd really love to see when you do to. What other way will you revamp your tailored trousers?