Do you ever start something on impulse, very unplanned and come out with really great results? Well, that is what happened last weekend. I made a sunglasses holder from a broken mirror and quite a number of people liked it when I shared it on social media. So, I decided to share that tutorial as well as 4 other very easy DIYs that will help switch up your bedroom (as that was also highly requested).

I’ve been trying to declutter my life literally since I got back home from school and so far, so good.  I’ve noticed that keeping an organized and very minimal room allows me to function properly.

So, if you moved into a new room in uni or basically trying to give your room a new look. These are very easy and inexpensive DIYs to try.


One very easy way to give your room a new look is by adding more pillows to your bed.  Pillows with varying textures and designs. The good part is if you aren’t looking forward to spending money on new pillows, you can make them yourself.

cut the fabric into your desired size. Then, put them together good sides down and sew along the ends leaving a small opening. Finally, fill the pillow case with enough stuffing and sew the tiny opening shut.


My walls were initially bare and boring so to add a little bit of décor and character, I made this wall art with pictures from my childhood which I like a lot. Aside the fact that it gives my room a different look, seeing it brings back pleasant memories.

For this diy, you’ll need cardboard. A few sticks (canes) and wood glue. Cut the cardboard into your desired shape and cover the surface with glue. Then, cut and split the canes into tiny pieces and attach them to the cardboard. Paint the finished product to match your room aesthetic. This step is optional and hang!


You honestly don’t have to go through the trouble of drawing any of these yourself. Simply get on google and print out paintings or quotes of your choice. Attach them to cardboards and frame them. if you aren’t about that framing life like I am, you simply draw border at the edges of each quote or painting and they’ll look framed. But I must say, getting your paintings or quotes put in glass frames will definitely look wayyy better.


This DIY started it all. From an accident to a piece of art. Love it! If you’re feeling it as much as I am, get a piece of wooden board. I painted mine all black and splashed bits of nail polish on it. Leave to dry and put in tiny nails to serve as hangers or holders. If you’re anything like me, you’ll arrange the glasses on the board to see how many can fit and where your nails should be. Finally, find a good spot for your new glasses holder (it’ s the first thing you see when you enter my room! Lol) and you have a fresh-looking room space.


Most people have plants in their rooms. If you don’t it may be all you need.  You could get a succulent from your garden or buy a fake one (I’m not sure how much those cost.)  I did the latter. Then, I sprayed my flower pot with gold spray paint and it looks absolutely amazing.

That’ brings me to my bonus tip. Is there an antique you like but aren’t really sure about the color? Get spray paint and spray it into whatever color pleases you. You won’t regret it. I did that to my bedside lamp. I sprayed it this gold color and it looks super expensive.

This isn’t the usual fashion post but I am of the notion that, if you want something and you have the means to make it, go ahead! So, if you liked any of these, definitely try your hands on them and let me know what you think. Have a blessed week. Ciaaao!.