Hi everyone! Welcome back or hello! If you’re new. I decided to share another easy DIY with you. Clearly, I can’t get enough of the corset trend because of how girly it looked. It can add some attitude to a very basic outfit without trying too hard and I felt that is the perfect upgrade my shirt needed. So, after I’d worn this velvet top a few times, I thought it needed refashioning and I gave it one. theantwiwaa.com

You’ll need; theantwiwaa.com

A T Shirt

 A Shoe string

An old corset and a pair of scissors

  • First you take off the grommet portion of any corset and find exactly where you want to place them on your t shirt. I find it easier to work with the entire strip than to insert individual grommet on your own. theantwiwaa.com
  • In choosing where you want to sew on the strip of grommet, leave  a relatively big amount of space so that you have the cinched effect after inserting the strip. theantwiwaa.com
  • Next sew the strip onto the shirt and insert the shoe string. Viola! theantwiwaa.com

You can try this DIY on a t shirt dress or any boxy tee you’re trying to elevate. The good part is as soon as you get tired of this look, you can simply take of the strips and you have your shirt back. theantwiwaa.com

You can pair this shirt with a skirt, jeans or even pants. It’s very easy and can be dressed down or up to suit your preference. I decided to wear my shirt with men’s tailored trousers because of the contrasting effect- cinched on the top and a lot lose at the bottom. I think that is the perfect balance. But as I said, feel free to style it your way. theantwiwaa.com

Another tip is that you can wear the shirt backwards for an entirely different look.

I hope you find this easy as well. Feel free to leave a comment if you want. Until next time.