Occasionally, I scroll through online shops to keep up with trends and outfits in general. You can do that for outfit inspiration as well. Do not say I did not tell you. During one of my scrolling expeditions, I saw these braided velvet slides from HM and I fell in love almost immediately. Recently, I tried to find the price of the slides but unfortunately, I cannot find them on the site. I will not be surprised if they are sold out. That aside, I live in Ghana and it will cost a fortune (I know I know ) to have those slides sent to me. So, I decided to make one myself. You know me; if you want something, just make it!

You’ll need; theantwiwaa.com

A pair of old slides



Velvet fabric

  • Measure and cut your fabric into a desired length. I chose to line my fabric to ensure that it’s very thick because I noticed the braid on the original slipper was quite thick. theantwiwaa.com
  • Next, you cut out your lined fabric into 3 stripes as shown in the picture and braid it out. theantwiwaa.com
  • Attach the braided suede fabric to your slides. Be sure to take into consideration the width of the old (or new) slides you’re using for this DIY so that the braid can cover the band completely. theantwiwaa.com
  • You can also stitch the braided fabric to your slide just in case the glue didn’t secure it for you.
  • You can skip this last step but because I wanted my slides to look just like the original, I lined the ends of my slides with more suede fabric. theantwiwaa.com

There you have it! Very stylish comfy slides on a budget! This DIY is probably one of my quickest and easiest so far-  Get your velvet fabric, cut and braid it then attach it to your old slipper and viola! theantwiwaa.com

I have already worn it a few times, I’m patiently waiting for the rains to cease then I can wear it every day (you bet I will). Let me know if this tutorial is helpful. Till next time.