We all have a few items that are basic. They’re the items we run to when we’re running late or when we just don’t feel like scanning through tons of clothes, clothes we love of course. The classic button down (or up, whichever way you choose to call it) is that one basic item for me. I have a few neatly ironed in my wardrobe, so whenever I need them, which seems to happen a lot lately, I pick them up and I’m good to go. But I also agree that sometimes, ‘basics’ get boring so I was excited when I found patches for one of my shirts. Allow me show you how to take that shirt from basic to not so basic!

You’ll need; theantwiwaa.com

  • A shirt
  • Patches
  • Thread and needle/ sewing machine

What to do?

  • Iron the patches to flatten them theantwiwaa.com
  • Choose/ mark the parts you want to have the patches theantwiwaa.com
  • Sew the patches on
  • Iron your shirt and viola.
  • Go forth and slay theantwiwaa.com

Not only do these patches elevate your basics, they make you look and feel some kind of cool when you put them on( don’t judge me). Best part is, you actually save some money. I’ve heard that, patched up shirts are a little harsh on the pockets. Let’s take my patches for instance, I found them on a shirt the other day I went thrifting. The shirt was not up to 5cedis. You can imagine my joy. Sadly, I haven’t found any shop that sells patches like this yet (I’ve searched) but if you go thrifting, you might get lucky like me. And if you’re lucky enough to find a shop that sells these in Ghana, please please don’t keep it from me. Pairing your top with vintage jeans and some cool pumps will seal the deal for this on-trend look. theantwiwaa.com

Me, I was just chilling in my room, playing ‘dress up’ and taking pictures. I hope you liked my DIY. Leave a comment if you did and what other way will you revamp your basic button down? I’d love to hear from you. Until next time, peace and productivity!