Waist cinchers have made a major come back this past few years especially in 2017. If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’d know I tapped into the trend a long time ago. It’s okay if you’re new here, you can catch up with that here. Back to the matter- In as much as I like a nicely snatched looking waist, I honestly think that wearing a traditional corset all day can be stress! So, I wanted the same corset effect but still be able to breath and eat because a girl can’t kill herself for looks. No.

You’ll need;

A fabric of your choice


Fabric glue


  • Cut out your fabric and stiff. I wanted the fabric to cover the entire front (stomach portion) but not the back. So that all you see at the back is a little fabric and then the straps. theantwiwaa.com
  • Next, iron your stiff onto one piece of fabric. I originally skipped this step but I notice the belt wasn’t stiff enough so I went back in and did that.
  • Glue the two fabrics together. The bad sides facing each other. The trick to this is to fold the tips(ends) of one fabric in, apply some fabric glue and carefully place the other fabric on it. Leave to dry. theantwiwaa.com theantwiwaa.com
  • Cut a longer thinner strip, enough to go around your waist. Glue 2 pieces together for strength and durability. I used a different fabric because I wanted to highlight the yellow in my African print.
  • Finally, attach the straps with either fabric glue or thread and needle but since you’ll be tying them, the straps that is, I advise you sew them on to secure them. Iron the belt and go forth and slay! theantwiwaa.com theantwiwaa.com theantwiwaa.com

I like how it came out. Firm, stylish and different. You can style in so many ways. Throw it on a plain dress for a fun twist or over a plain white Tee and palazzo pants! I can already think of so many ways to style it. There will definitely be a post on how I styled mine. Keep your eyes on this page.

I hope you find this easy to make because it is an accessory I think you should have. It’ll take your outfit from basic to fab instantly!  Let me know if you decide to try it out. I’d love to see. Until next time