Hello fam! Welcome back to my online space. I am glad you always make time to read my posts. Ever since my blog started picking up, I have been complimented for my Instagram feed (*big grin) and I have been asked very often about the apps I use and how I go about editing my pictures. Today, I feel like being a blessing to someone lol, so I’ll take you through the process if you’ll stick around.

Usually, I use my iPhone to take my pictures but my phone broke a while ago so..
I mainly use 2 apps, there are other apps I use interchangeably, but these are the real deal, trust me! theantwiwaa.com
* FaceTune * VSCO cam

Let’s start with this picture. theantwiwaa.com

First thing I do is (after taking a couple of pictures and selecting the best of course), I import the picture into VSCO cam. Depending on the picture, I use some of the filters. The A series has my favorite filters but I like how this picture looks so I will leave it just as it is.

Then, I play around with the brightness aka exposure. VSCO cam allows you to regulate the brightness so feel free to try it out till you’re satisfied. theantwiwaa.com

Then I sharpen the picture because sharper pictures look better. theantwiwaa.com

If you’re observant, you’d realize my pictures have a cool tone. Yeah! I also regulate the temperature

Then, I save and export to my gallery. theantwiwaa.com

Then it’s time for FaceTune. This is where the ‘white magic’ happens. I know you guys have been waiting for this part, I know. Once someone asked- ‘How do you make white so white?’
well, this is the secret.

Now, I import the ‘almost done’ picture from your gallery into FaceTune.
Here, I select WHITEN and swipe away. For this picture, I repeated the procedure about 3 times to get rid of texture in my background. theantwiwaa.com

Then, I save the picture and it’s ready for the gram! I hope this post has been helpful. Enjoy the rest of your week. theantwiwaa.com