This is probably the most difficult part for me; introducing myself and my ideas to the tons of people I hope will visit my blog. A few hours to the launch, I sit here - pen and journal in hand and a heart that seems tightly shut, not willing to let out any words. So I'll start with my head; at least that's all I have for now. Maybe, along the line, my heart will open up.

Growing up, I wore uniforms 5 days a week. On Sundays, my mother will put a pretty dress on me and spend hours on my hair, then she will give me a matching bag and shoes. On those days I felt the prettiest, I was on my own level. I can't sit with me. But aside Sundays, fashion was not a big part of my reality. Creativity on the other hand has always been constant. I used to make dresses for my dolls, filling my house with colored paper in the name of Christmas. During those times, alone with my threads, scissors, glue and pieces of cloths, I was content and excited.

Fast forward, 10 years later, I'm in high school. Exploring every corner of the internet, reading fashion articles and watching fashion week videos. Bursting with excitement at my new discovery. With a modest upkeep money, I will go and get vintage pieces and try to mimic outfits I saw in magazines with a little twist here and there. Oh, how proud I was wearing something I made.

We are here not to merely make a living, we are here to enrich the world! - Woodrow Wilson

A few years into college, I realized creativity will always be a part of me and instead of shoving it aside, I will nurture it, invest and make the most out of it. And that is exactly what I did (and I'm still doing).

So yes, I'm still a learner and not even perfect in this trade but I feel I'm in a position to share the little I know, my passion and dreams with the world and anyone who will let me into theirs, hence

My vision for you is to break out of your comfort zone and realize your full potential through creativity. Inspire you with my ideas and cause you to go try something in real life.Thank you for stopping by and I hope you stick around.