May was one stressful month. So glad it’s over plus June is my birth month so… !! I’m literally dancing right now. Lol. I really hope you had a good month, if not may June be one productive month for you. As always, I’m here with a recap of my month and my favorite things.

Outfit: This night out with the girls outfit I put together. I never realized yellow flattered my skin that much, definitely my favorite outfit for May.

Items: I cleaned out the store room at home the other day and found this bedside lamp. So, I sprayed it with gold spray paint and now it plays a major role in my room aesthetic.

Song: Have you seen fast and furious 8? I’m totally digging the soundtrack at the end of the movie. So, I went looking and it’s been on repeat ever since. It’s a G-Eazy & kehlani song titled Good life.

Makeup product: I’d name a makeup product but that’ll be a lie. I don’t think I made up more than 5 times last month. For me to call something a favorite, 5 times of use doesn’t make the cut.

Craving: Block heels. If you follow my Instagram, you’d know I love a good pair of shoes only that my feet are not tiny so every shoe I find is too small. Last month, I was obsessing about block shoes and hopefully I’ll find one in my size soon.

Thrift item: I recently thrifted a couple of basket bags. A clutch, side bag and big hand bag. I’m pretty sure you’ll see more of them this month.  Basket bags are trendy and I got a good deal. It was only right.

Destination: Ibiza! At this point I feel like I know everything about the island. The hotels along the beach, the villas. I have an entire gallery of that island in y gallery. I like to go through them and day dream once in a while.

 Fav DIY: My ‘pompom’ slides. Made them almost at the end of the month and I love them.

Fav blogger: Chrissie Lim! First of all, can we talk about how cute her daughter is. Too cute. I think she’s a great blogger. She and her team cook up the best content.

Lesson: Do not leave your happiness in the hands of someone because they’d probably disappoint you. Love yourself and this may seem selfish but learn to put yourself first.

‘Achievement’: My instagram was listed by as one of the best creative instagram accounts to follow. So, If you aren’t following me I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

That’s it for now sweetie. I look forward to sharing more posts with you in the new month. I hope you keep coming back. On that note, happy new month and make the most of it!