We made it to the end of March and I’m excited. March was good but as always, all good things come to an end. Me, I’m just really grateful for the gift of life. This post is quite random, it’s a post that talks about my favorite things and lessons for the month of March. So, ladies and gentlemen, MY MARCH FAVORITES…

Outfit: My favorite outfit had to be look 2 of my how to style the boyfriend shirt series. I think I looked pretty and very girly so, I loved it! theantwiwaa.com

Items: After I lost my phone (long story), mind you I do almost everything on my phone; from planning for the blog, taking notes, editing pictures, responding to mails, everything! I felt like omg! What am I going to do?!! So, I went back for my journal; where I record any idea, schedules or plans I have. For my editing, Instagram and stuff, I hijack any available phone. My friends are the most understanding (don’t judge me lol) and my favorite phone to hijack is; my friends Samsung S7 edge! It takes the most amazing pictures by the way. theantwiwaa.com

Song:  I’m the type who typically falls in love with one or two songs and listens to them all day until I exhaust them. For march, it’s Fight by Mr Eazi and Dj Cuppy.

Makeup product: I got this corrector by LA GIRL after months of convincing myself that I don’t need it and I think it’s one of the best things I bought last month. It does justice to the dark circles I have so..! theantwiwaa.com

Craving: White sneakers. Threw out my white converse a while ago because the color was no more as white. The struggle. And I still haven’t found a pair to replace them. Sad sad.

Thrift item: My black dungaree. I’m not sure if it’s a dungaree in the first place but it looks like it. You’ll see when I style it. Oh, but I sure will. theantwiwaa.com

Destination: At first, it was Paris. I’d been dreaming about Paris but now all I want to do is visit Russia. Yes, St Petersburg will be a beautiful sight to behold but really, that’s not the reason. Part of me is in Kumasi and another part in Tyumen.

Fav DIY: This I haven’t shared on the blog yet, but it’s a Puma Fenty inspired slides. Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Fav blogger: Aimee Song from Song of Style. I think I have watched every VLOG of hers. She’s amazing and she has been inspiring me for the month of March.

Lesson:  When I broke my phone, the first that came to mind was; ‘why do bad thigs happen to good people?’. That’s very silly. I know but I couldn’t think of anything else.

Here’s the lesson I learnt; Bad things happen to everyone. It’s what they call trials or hard times and instead of wailing and beating myself up, I’ll make the most out of it and find a way to resolve my situation.

‘Achievement’: Achievement in inverted commas because well, it’s not like I bought a yatch or anything. But I feel like these are tiny steps in the right direction. Here goes; aside being a blogger, I think I can now safely add CONTENT CREATOR to my CV. Go over to jump.com.gh to read my articles. Here, here and here. theantwiwaa.com


 That’s it for now sweetie. I look forward to sharing more posts with you in the new month. I hope you keep coming back. On that note, happy new month and make the most of it!