Hi! My name is Antwiwaa, just in case you’re new here and just like every other girl, I go through a lot of emotional, psychological and physical changes. And from all these changes I have learnt and picked up little things that have helped me generally. In today’s post, I’m going to be a little chit chat-ty. Muse a little maybe but most importantly, share the little things I have learnt in the past few months with anyone ready to listen.

I’ll be sharing with you my top 5 ‘habits’ that you should totally pick up as a young person. Habits I feel can help you become a better version of yourself and also make the most of each passing day. I’ll be honest with you, I still struggle to follow all 5 but I felt like why not share?  Together, we can grow.

* HAVE A MORNING RITUAL theantwiwaa.com

Whether it’s prayer, meditation, exercise or even reading a book. Have a morning ritual, something you do every morning. Something that sets your mind right for the day. It could be affirmations; positive words you tell yourself to empower or encourage you every day. Whichever one you chose, stick to it. It’ll be a matter of time before you notice the positive changes this makes in your life.

*HAVE A TO-DO LIST theantwiwaa.com

Most of the time, we make plans for our day. Then, along the line, we get caught up in other things and lose track of time. Other times, we just forget. A month ago, a friend spoke to me about making a to-do list. I started and realized how helpful it is. Even before you start your day, you know all the things you have to achieve and in a very subtle way the list serves as a check. So, you can evaluate your progress as you go. The rule is; ‘Whatever plan you have, write it down’. I find it helpful. This way, you can make the most of every single day.


I know every young person has heard this and not really paid attention. Most of the time, they are people (or things) we think we need. No matter how bad they make us feel, we just can’t see a world without them BUT whatever positive change you want to see will require that you cut some people off. This is not you being mean and selfish; you simply want the best for yourself and their presence is not really helping. I’m not saying cut everyone off and live in solitude, no! All I’m saying is, if someone is constantly drawing you back or making you feel insufficient or incapable, then the time has come to let them go.


This is important. We see so much every day, people’s achievements and possessions. At a point in time, we all might have asked the same question; ‘why isn’t that me? Why am I not the one in that?’ I won’t call that jealousy- I feel it’s in our nature to want the best for ourselves. But, we have to know that we aren’t all equal. We all have our blooming time- what could take someone a week might take a month for you and that’s okay. Life is a journey, not a race. Your growth process is simply different. At the right time, you’ll realize that there is really the right time for everyone. I always tell myself this; GOING UNNOTICED DOES NOT MAKE ME INADEQUATE. Love your journey, embrace your growth.



To me, this is very important. Holding grudges rips you apart on the inside. Every day, I try as much as possible not to take offense and let go anything of that sort. But I realized that I fell short when it came my interaction with the people that meant the most to me. I couldn’t accept the fact that the people I care a lot about will not always be available. There are times they get caught up in their hustle and ‘disappear’ for a while. For me, if I meant that much, why won’t just put in more effort or pay more attention? And then the question hit me; How much effort am I putting in? I became more intentional and more forgiving. Like, I can’t always get what I want. Sometimes, I have to make an effort. If I want you to find out something, I won’t just sit and wait till you ask. I’ll tell you.

Most girls have this problem; they let things eat them up with the hope that someone will notice and ask about it. Then they get mad because that ‘someone’ doesn’t notice. Don’t be like most girls. Be forgiving, whenever you have the chance to change the outcome of something, go for it. The people around you can’t be perfect. Accept their flaws and have a forgiving heart.

I said 5 from the start so, I’ll keep my word and end right there. Maybe, some other time, I’ll be at it again. You like the pictures? Well, I do too. I had this shoot a while ago and since I’ve had this post drafted for some time, I felt I should make use of the pictures (bloggers don’t waste picture. lol ) and viola! theantwiwaa.com

Makeup by;Paigeclarde

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Do leave a comment if there’s anything you’ll like to add. we should learn from each other. Otherwise, have a productive week. Till next time.