Although, I feel like I have had the shortest weekend ever, it is the break I very much needed. Whoever said ‘adulting’ is easy lied! Some mornings I wake up feeling a little defeated and not wanting to leave my bed, then I remember that nobody made it by lazing about. Next minute, I am up and ready to kick butt. Lol

I have also noticed that starting my day of with some motivation and scripture gives me the right mindset. Lately, I listen to Dr. Mensah Otabil and he is very insightful. One thing I learnt last week was that ‘A good ATTITUDE will determine my ALTITUDE’ and it is literally embedded in my brain. Discovering his YouTube channel is one of the best things that happened to me. You should probably subscribe and learn too.

A good ATTITUDE will determine my ALTITUDE

October is breast cancer awareness month just in case you did not get the memo and it explains why you see a lot of pink ribbons all over the internet (also the reason for my pink outfit) So, I decided to join the campaign in my own little way by sharing a few things most people do not know about breast cancer.

Ps; I just found these out not too long ago as well.

  • Breast cancer can affect MEN.
  • A lump is not the only symptom. Persistent itching and nipple discharge can also be a cause of alarm.
  • A large percentage of women with breast cancer did not inherit it.
  • Exercise and low (or no) alcohol intake can lower your risk.
  • Women who do not breastfeed stand a higher risk of getting breast cancer. So, if you’re planning on skipping breastfeeding to keep your boobs firm and ‘upright’, kindly reconsider.
  • Breast cancer is more common in elderly men and women, mostly after 40 or 50. Therefore, in as much as we are not likely to get breast cancer, we can do our bit by educating our parents and grandparents on the disease.

Finally, October is not just about pink ribbons and ‘free the boobs’ campaign. Real women are affected by this disease and so are their families. Therefore, it’s more sensitive than social media portrays it.

I hope you have a great week. Remember to have a good attitude in everything you do. Peace and productivity!