As a past queen, I know the anxiety that comes with auditioning and I also know that every delegate has had her fair share of that. So, I came together with other queens and former delegates to put together this cheat for you. Enjoy!

* Prepare yourself psychologically

Auditioning for a pageant means you’re putting yourself out there and should you falter, be prepared to be made fun of. For the unlucky, you may even be the next famous meme. Lol. If you can’t handle situations like that, you may have to revise your decision.

* Check YouTube for past audition videos

One of the best ways to prepare for Miss Malaika Ghana is to watch auditions from previous years. Pay attention to questions and comments from judges about the delegates. If one of the judges happens to be on the panel this year then you’re in luck. There’s a high chance that some of the questions might pop up and guess who’ll have the answer to them. YOU!

* Dress appropriately

There isn’t really a dress code so, use the opportunity to be decent and classy. Over the years, the judges have showed discontent for overly ripped jeans. Play safe, avoid ripped jeans and unless you plan on seducing all 3 or 4 judges successfully, do not show too much skin. I repeat- don’t show too much skin.

* Keep the makeup simple

Contestants tend to focus too much on makeup. Keep the makeup simple. Paying for a makeup artist honestly isn’t necessary but again it goes down to personal preference. Whatever you choose, keep the makeup clean and simple. Notice how many times I used simple?

* Stay composed and confident

You’ll be nervous on audition day, no two ways about that. You might even want to change your mind at some point, at least I know I did. But once you get before the judges, put fear aside and speak boldly and clearly.

* Don’t be intimidated

You may be the prettiest or tallest girl among your friends but during auditions you’ll see more beautiful, curvier and even taller girls. The secret is to remain calm and composed. Don’t try to imitate anyone. Simply be yourself. Be original.

* Think properly before you answer any question

When a question is asked, listen attentively, think and then give an appropriate answer. If you don’t know, it’s more honorable to say so politely than display your ignorance. Have a general view about everything that goes on especially in Ghana.

* Expect the worse

At this point you are very much aware of the fact that there can be only 2 outcomes. Either you make it or you don’t. Keep an open mind. If you make it. Great! If you don’t accept your fate and move on. Everything happens for a reason.


Smile when you’re nervous. Smile even if you don’t know the answer to a question. I don’t care how weird it sounds, smile and make it look as real as possible because it lightens up the judges and does the trick. Besides, you’ll be required to smile a lot more if you qualify. Why not start from the word go?!

* Have fun!

Finally have fun! Be yourself and don’t sound too rehearsed. It’s okay to be prepared but if you sound like you just crammed some wise words to deliver trust me, it will go against you.

These tips would’ve been very helpful if we knew them before auditioning. Thankfully, we made it through regardless. Now that you have them way beforehand. Seize the opportunity and make the most out of them. Feel free to share this post on your social media. The next queen might be on your timeline. All the best to everyone auditioning this year! Remember, auditions are where you make your first impression. Make it worthwhile.