I’m a social media rat lol! I bet you knew that already! So, today’s post was highly influenced by my favorite bloggers on instagram. I believe it’s called the insecurities tag where you open up to people about your insecurities and since I can barely count my insecurities, I decided to make it a little fun and share some ‘secrets’ about my life. *DRUMROOOLLLL*



  • I broke my leg when I was 3 or 4. I was knocked down by a car.
  • Before I turned 20, my fake name was J’hnelle and if you ask for my number I’ll give you my dads’.
  • I used to pull on nose when I was younger. I thought doing that will give me a pointed nose.
  • One of my biggest goals is to be the best wife and mother to my husband and children.
  • I bite my nails (please don’t judge me). That’s the only reason I wear fake nails.
  • I’m a cry baby. I watched titanic twice, I cried both times.
  • I can’t eat the same dish two to three times in a row. Unless it’s beans and fried plantain.
  • I’m scared of lizards and wall geckos. It’s either they leave or I leave. Ps; I won’t be the one to scare them off.
  • All the guys I’ve ever crushed on barely have anything in common.
  • I eat a lot of pepper. You’ll catch me sprinkling extra pepper on my food. EVERY TIME.
  • When I was younger, I used to read books to escape chores. Once it’s about the books, the parents will leave you alone haha. At least mine did.
  • My nickname in junior high school was NANTWINAM which means ‘goat meat’. Not because I like goat meat or anything. But my name is ANTWIWAA and the boys in my class just had funny ideas and then, in high school my teacher used to call me Goliath! I still can’t stand that name.
  • I constantly wonder if my kids will love their dad more they love me. Am I alone in this?
  • Every time a car pulls over, I just want to disappear!
  • I like quite people (guys to be precise). Loud people make me uncomfortable.

Phewwh! That was a tall list. I hope you can keep a secret? Wait! Can you? Because you just found out things just a few people know about me.

Do we have anything in common? Is there you guessed right? Do leave a comment if there is.