‘Yesterday is not ours to recover but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.’ I love this quote by Lyndon B. Nelson and ideally, we all want to be positive throughout the day. Because it puts us in a good mood and also increases our productivity somehow. But let’s be honest, there are some ‘denoms’ that won’t just let us be great! Like a reckless driver or rude receptionist, bad internet connection or even an annoying boyfriend. I tell you! Sometimes, being broke automatically puts me in a bad mood.

But you can’t stay sour all day so here are a few things I do to pick myself up on down days. Funny enough I’ve been having a little more of those days lately and since we all have days like that in one way or the other I thought why not share, it can help someone.

  •  I confront the situation

I’ve found out that addressing my situation always makes me feel better as long as there’s a human being involved, I have the chance to talk about what he or she did wrong or what’s  getting me worked up. Much better than keeping it inside and allowing it to affect your day.

  • I do something I enjoy

I remember when I have problems posting on here. Sometimes, the internet just bails on me or some pictures wont upload. At those times, my heart is literally on fire, literally! Especially, when I’m trying to be consistent and on time. If you understand. Guess what I do. I close my browser and play my favorite songs and it works. I calm down instantly and my day is great again.

  • Embrace the situation

Another way I pick myself up is basically accepting that whatever happened has happened (I hope that’s not too confusing lol) and there’s nothing I can do about it. The only way out is to just move past it. Once I accept that a situation is beyond me, I’m able to make peace with myself and channel my energy into other things. Accepting that things won’t always go your way and that’s just how life is sometimes will help you quickly overcome circumstance that threaten your peace of mind.

  • Step aside and reevaluate the situation

I find that I’m quick to jump to conclusions and trust me if you’re anything like that you know it never helps in any way. Lately, I have a better approach, I step back or even out of the ‘situation’. Like if there’s an incident right, instead of ranting immediately, I wait or even change my environment. That gives me time to think and clear my head, that way I have a better perspective about the matter and am in the right position to speak on it. theantwiwaa.com

These are just things I do. If you find them helpful and practical, you can choose to apply them to your life as well. It’ll help save those extra minutes or hours you spend wallowing in self-pity or shear anger. Remember, we all have 24 hours in a day and every second counts. Leave a comment below if there are other ways you deal with down days. I’d love to know. See you next time.