My Instagram feed isn’t yet where I want it to be but I’m content with my progress so far and your questions and compliments make me know I’m doing a good job. I was going to ask you follow me (@__twiwaa) if you aren’t following already but if it’s too much to ask let’s just get into my hacks. *insert smiling face with halo emoji *

  • Choose 2 to 4 predominant colors

For a minimal aesthetically pleasing feed, choose colors that will be consistent in your feed. For me, it’s white and black. I like how clean items look against a white background. So, I make sure all my pictures have at least one of these colors. Yours doesn’t have to be black or white as long as you pick colors that will be dominant and consistent in your feed then you’re good to go.

  • Stick to the same filters

If you read my HOW I EDIT MY INSTAGRAM PICTURES post from months ago you’ll know I love VSCO cam but lately, I decided to stick with just my custom Instagram filter. Whether you’re using VSCO cam or Instagram filters, make sure that you stick to those filters as they’ll give your feed a very pleasing look.

  • Lighting

Depending on your aesthetics, you may prefer well-lit pictures or not. I, for one prefer evenly lit pictures with little or no shadows at all and so I try to take all my pictures in well-lit places. If you prefer to play around with shadows go for it but posting one lit picture today and a dark picture from a club the next day won’t help your feed.

  • Plan your feed

This might seem extreme but trust me, almost everybody plans their feed these days. It gives you an idea what your feed will look like even before you post your picture. For this you can use one of these apps; VSCO cam, UN UM or PLANOLY.

  • Find the right time to post

With Instagram’s new update, pictures don’t follow chronologically anymore. So, I advise you identify the best time, that is when your engagement is high. That way, your picture is at the top and more people get to see it.

  • Diversify your feed

Unless you’re a beauty guru, please don’t post 10 selfies at once. break them up with other items you like. Flowers, landscape pictures or even food pictures. Things like this add more character to your feed.

  • Make use of flatlays

Still on the subject of diversity. Flatlays are your best friend. PS; flatlays are those pictures of items on surfaces. Posting a flatlay one in a while helps balance out your feed.

  • Saturation

When posting pictures, one tip is to make sure that the saturation of the pictures is alike or even the same. (that’s why you need to plan your feed). So that one picture doesn’t have bluish white and the other pinkish white because really, who wants to see that?

  • Straighten your pictures

Make use of the straighten feature on your iPhone, VSCO cam or even the Instagram app itself. I particularly think nicely aligned objects, walls and floors look much better. So, take a few seconds to straighten your floors and walls before putting up your picture.

  • Content is key

For bloggers or business accounts, content is key. I agree that some posts are purely vain but whenever you can, give your followers some value. I’m not saying you should find and post deeps. But share a tip or advice or even a hack. That way people learn from you and know your perspective about life.

BONUS TIP; (Me, After I checked my notes and realized I wrote down 11 points instead of 10 )

BE PICKY AND STAY ORIGINAL. I see a lot of us posting white bedrooms or beautiful white walls. Whether you genuinely like white walls or not, I’ll never know. But be picky when it comes to your pictures. Post only pictures that resonate with you. It’s okay to seek inspiration from your favorite bloggers but it is very likely to get carried away. I’ve been there. You find yourself basically copying everything of theirs. That is a NO- GO! Remember, it takes time. So, don’t bug your followers with 7 pictures a day. Please DON’T.

I hope these hacks are helpful. Kindly share yours if you have any. I’d love to know. Until next time, stay fab and give your best at all times!