Hello you! Yes you! Thanks for coming back and hello! If you’re new. You may like to check this out.  I made a mental note to type this post but all the ups and downs, work, everything was just wearing me out. But I woke up today and felt like, you know what I’m going to do this and I did!

I often get asked about where I get outfit ideas and inspiration from and I’m answering that today. Together with some of my favorite pictures online right now! Enjoy!


I don’t even have to say this but I’ll just go ahead anyway. One of the best ways to get inspiration is by making use of your Instagram explore section. I always find new very stylish people there. I feel like restricting yourself to just people you’re following is almost like living in a teeny tiny box. Go out there, see the world! lol and when you find someone you like, turn on posts notification for their page so you don’t miss anything they put out there. Thanks to Instagram’s algorithm, it is very easy to miss posts from your favorite people.


Mix and match your clothes. Forget about all the 1001 fashion rules. You may try something and be overwhelmed at how good it looks on you. The fact that your favorite blogger said thick girls can’t wear skinny jeans doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Who knows? You may be the exception to that rule. Be open to ideas and try things out for yourself.


YES! I actually meant websites and I’m not talking about blogs. No. If you’re looking for outfit ideas, visit the websites of your favorite fashion brands. Study how they pair the pieces they sell. I’m not saying you should buy from them (you should if you can afford it. I mean why are they your favorite brand?)  but picking a few tips and ideas here and there can greatly improve your style. But remember that the clothes don’t come with the body. If you know what I mean.


Finally, open your eyes! You can get inspiration from the weirdest of places. As you go through your day, be aware of the people around you, what they wear and how the things they wear make them look. If you like what you see, make a mental note of it. More like a mental album. Once, it’s time to dress up, your brain automatically retracts those images and gives you a lot of ideas.  You’ll be amazed at how helpful this exercise is.

Now! Onto my favorite pictures right now. Ps; I found 90% of these pictures on my Instagram explore!

There are so many more but that’l;l be it for today. I hope I answered the ‘where do your get inspiration?’ question and I hope it’s useful. Until next time..