I’m not a sucker for trends but you ever got your social media and wondered what on earth was going on? Exactly how I felt after I saw these pair of jeans a number of times. Is this trend here to stay? I don’t know but I think I loved it enough to want to try and I love it even more after I did. Don’t be like me, playing safe and keeping my fringe short, the longer the fringe, the more cooler and the better the statement. If you’re up for trying out a new trend, I’m your girl. Stick around and I’ll show you how.

What I’m wearing: theantwiwaa.com

Shirt; Thrifted

Jeans; DIY

Shoes; Topshop

Bag; Christian Dior

  • Keep it simple theantwiwaa.com

You’ve got to keep it very simple especially when you’re experimenting with new trends. So, tuck away your favorite floral and bold colored shirts and keep it simple on the top; plain crisp shirts or stripes will do just fine.

  • Keep your waistline defined theantwiwaa.com

One thing you’ll like to do is keep your look more put together otherwise you may end up looking like a complete mess. I suggest you pair these jeans with a top that sits right on the waistline. Otherwise tuck your shirt in or knot it in nicely in the front like mine. Still on a put together aspect, keep your hair nicely tied or combed, nothing messy or all over the place.

  • Add a statement piece theantwiwaa.com

Since the plan is to make a statement with you pants, I think it’s totally okay to make a little more with your accessories. So, throw on a statement necklace or earrings for a chicer look. And with your hair all in place, statement jewelry is only right.

These are my top 3 points to trying out these pair of jeans. I hope they are helpful. My love for this trend is in the fact that it’s unexpected yet cool and for someone like me who’s almost always in skinny jeans, my ankles thanked me for these pair. So, go ahead and give this trend a try. Remember, never say never when it comes to fashion, for in 3 years you’d end up wearing never” theantwiwaa.com theantwiwaa.com theantwiwaa.com

What’s your take on this trend? And how will you style your fray fringed denim jeans? Do leave a comment if you’ll also like me to post a tutorial on how I frayed and fringed my jeans.

Thanks for stopping by today and don’t hesitate to come back for more. Until next time, peace and productivity.