Can you believe it’s already 5 days into February?! I mean, I was one of those people that wanted January to go away already but relax February, what’s the rush?! I barely get enough sleep lately.   Anyway, I hope your February has been great so far and oh Happy new month once again.

Today’s post is on an unconventional way to wear a skirt. I think most of us have seen the skirt as blouse trend, where you wear the skirt as an off-shoulder top. Well, this is a little different.  I liked the trend but I didn’t like the fact that it was just plain and droopy. I wanted something a little more girly and comfortable. so, after trying out a few tucks and ties here and there, I got a cute crop top with a little bow. My friend thought it was pretty so I felt, why not share my little discovery with you.

What am I wearing?

Bottom: F & F

Skirt/ blouse: Thrifted

Shoe: Jet

Bag: Gift

Here's how to achieve this look and a few tips to go by if you want to try out this crop top.

*Choose a skirt that suits your style; plain, florals or strips. When it comes to pairing it with bottoms, it’s easier to work with something you’re comfortable with.

*A flare knee length or mini skirt will be just great. But to create this look, button down skirts are the best. They allow you to tie a little bow in the front for a girly touch.

*For a bottom, since it’s a cute crop top, you can pair it with barely anything; from bodycon skirts, tailored pants to denim pants. My choice of pants was due to my personal preference. I liked how it looked with my black high waist skinny jeans. But really, you can pair the blouse with different pieces till you get a look that works best for you.

*Then, I added the tassel purse for a pop of color.

When it comes to wearing clothes unconventionally, I think it goes down to what you’re comfortable with and how creative you are with the few items you have. So, try out new stuff, who knows, you might discover some ideas you never thought you’d come up with. On that note, peace and productivity in the coming week. Until next time..

What do you think about my skirt blouse? Will you ever try it and is there any other tip you have on wearing a skirt differently? Do leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you.