Having a separate section on my blog for DIYs means I am quite spontaneous and not afraid to try out new things based on what my mind tells me. It also means I am likely to rip things apart just to bring what I envision to reality.

A few days ago as I went through my stuff I found these jeans I really was not feeling anymore. So I decided to cut them out to make something else. I really was not sure what, I just got to cutting and did not look back. Half way through I am like wait! How about I make a skirt! A two or even three toned skirt! Besides, I had seen all these two toned jeans on the internet that I really like. Finally an opportunity to own one with my very own touch. So, I got to stitching and cutting but with a much clearer plan now. Lol. And as you might have guessed the skirt is what came out of that very much unplanned DIY. theantwiwaa.com

I decided to wear my skirt with a denim off the shoulder top. I have always liked the denim on denim look.

I have found that another way to nail the look with a two toned jeans or skirt like mine is to wear a denim shirt that has the same tone as one of the tones on the skirt. Then accessorize to make the outfit pop! I cannot explain my recent obsession with red but I guess we can all see what it does to me. theantwiwaa.com

I did not film a tutorial on my skirt because it was unplanned and I am sorry about that but I can do that for you if you want. I will probably give that skirt away if I ever get to make it. Let me know in the comments if you will like a tutorial. theantwiwaa.com

Moral of my story is; do not toss out any item until you are completely sure they will not be useful to you anymore!

Have a lovely week and I wish you nothing but the best in this new month.