Sometimes, I get emotional about the little things. Last Saturday was one of those times. I read my very first post on here and it melted my heart. I remember typing that post with so much emotion, almost uncertain about what I was getting into. 8 months on, I feel fulfilled in that aspect of my life. sharing with the world my ideas, crafts and style. But one of my goals for this blog was and still is to inspire young women and men like me by documenting my struggles and successes as well as a healthy dose of my unapologetic opinion on issues people like me face. Clearly, this can easily be a 2000 word essay but let me cut the chase! Long and short of my story is!

Welcome to a new stage in my blogging life. Where it’s not all glitz and glam but also real-life struggles- tears and smiles. Cheers to new endeavors and a community of world changers and yes! There’ll still be loads of fashion and DIYs! Just in case you were wondering…

Which brings us to today’s post. Can you tell I’m in love with this pleated skirt? I literally danced when I found it and you know I had to style it for ze blog.


Top; DIY


Bag; @_queensfashion_

For the first look, I was going for something work appropriate, subtle yet fun. So, instead of pairing my skirt with a traditional button down, I went for a shirt with statement sleeves (this shirt was made by me by the way, you know how we do!). Then, I threw on my black heels and this beautiful bag from @_queensfashion . I kept my makeup simple, slapped on red lippies for a pop of color and you know what they say about women in red lipstick.



It’s more casual and dressy hence the choice of shoes and colors. Tropical prints are a thing or will be soon, you know issa fashion forecast :) so, I threw on this print top which is actually a knee length blazer, a white bag and strappies to match.  Prints are a great way to switch up your look but you don’t have to splurge on them as they may be out of season before long. This look is perfect for any event say wedding. But for a more flirty, date night look, switch up the top for a nice fitting body suit and clutch and you’re good to go! Not every day mini skirt and ripped jeans.

I loved putting these looks together. I hope you like them as well and I also hope the tips are helpful for when you want to style midi length pleated skirt. Have a great week and I’ll leave you with a quote ( yes, this came with the new me, new blogging life. Haha)

“ Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it”

Have a great week.