Kim and Kanye, Peanut butter and jelly. Batman and Robin. Beans and Plantain (you know I couldn’t leave that out. I’m an African child. Haha ). You’ve probably heard of these famous pairs (or, in some cases, noshed on them). But there is another pair that goes hand in hand; the shirt and camisole. The idea of layering is a great. It gives you new styling options without breaking the bank. Basically, you’re using tank tops or camisoles you already have in your wardrobe. No hustle but (that’s a very big but for that matter) the weather here doesn’t encourage you to want to layer. Even with just a shirt on you’re already soaked in sweat, okay, maybe that’s a little exaggerated but I’m sure you get the picture. So right from the onset, it had always been a no no for me.

What I’m wearing;

Top; Next

Camisole; Mums wardrobe

Shoes; DIY

Jeans; Thrifted

Bag; Gift

On this particular day, it was a little cold outside and I thought ‘oh, so maybe outright dismissal of the layering idea is wrong, I mean there will definitely be cooler days and who says we can’t layer?’.

So, I decided to shoot a very simple look since I already had this camisole I’ve been eyeing. Usually, when I’m trying out a trend, I settle for black or neutral tones but I had taken this top from my mum and I wanted an excuse to wear it so bad, so I wore my pink camisole and kept every other thing black and white.

PS; I won’t call myself a minimalist but all that color at the same time isn’t entirely my thing.

This trend has been around for a while but if you are like me, who couldn’t imagine the amount of heat that came with it, think again. Here are a few tips to layering without bothering too much about the heat


This had to be number one. Like you can’t layer when its 32 degrees Celsius outside (well unless you’re trying to kill yourself) so choose your outfit and wait for the cold days. You can pray, maybe it’ll shorten your wait.


If there’s anything I know, it’s the fact that the weather cannot be trusted. It could be freezing cold in the morning and then super-hot by noon, I’m talking from experience. So, to be on the safer side, choose a button with lighter and breathable fabric. A white cotton shirt may be your best option. I have learned from my science class that white repels heat.


For a newbie, keep the camisole simple. If you’re not confident about colors, you can pick a black or dark colored one. But if you want to make a statement, this tip might come in handy. A loud camisole should be layered over a simple white shirt or tee. Lace camisoles inject a certain level of cool, don’t rule out the idea completely.



Finally, never say never in fashion. I hope these tips are helpful and soon, you’ll be trying out this trend. What other layering options do you have? And has the weather also been a problem for you as well? Do leave a comment if you liked the look. Until next time, peace and productivity.