Back in university, I was always the girl in denim. I love my denim! But I also agree that sometimes it got tiring. They were days that my legs were numb and going back to the room to take off my jeans was my only goal. My roommate on the other hand loved leggings. She’d wear leggings all week and never complain about tired legs. So, I decided to try them out but! there was always the question of whether wearing leggings for lectures were appropriate. They literally reveal everything! From your curves to your bubble butt! And you don’t want that. I mean it’s lectures.

So, today I decided to share with you the 4 ways I like to wear leggings to avoid looking trashy or suggestive.


    Waring my leggings with a tee shirt (or cami) and a blazer or denim jacket was one of my go to looks. I wear denim jacket when I want to look a lot casual and a blazer for less casual days. Then, I complete the look with sneakers or flat shoes.


Clearly, my biggest worry when wearing leggings is my butt. I feel like wearing something that conceals the butt a little will make you look decent especially if you have a big jiggle butt. That way, your butt isn’t really in people’s face. I pair my leggings with oversized tees often. Very comfy and conservative.


Still on the ‘conceal the butt’ campaign haha. I like the boxy masculine look men’s shirt gives me. I just really like a tomboy look and pairing my leggings with an oversized men’s shirt and sneakers does the trick. But, if you aren’t comfortable with the androgyny look, switch up the sneakers with flat shoes or sandals.


Since harmattan is around the corner, I decided to include this. Layering a sweat shirt over a tee shirt and leggings is ideal for colder days. Plus, when the weather decides to switch moods like it does these days, you just lose the sweatshirt and you’re good to go.

If you’ve ever had a problem with wearing leggings, these outfit ideas may work for you. Try them out and always remember to wear good underwear beneath your leggings just in case there’s an accident as you go through your day.

Have a fantastic week! See you next time