I have had the longest two weeks ever but I’m glad exams is over and I can finally return to being consistent. I know you missed me, I missed you too.

TRENDS.I love that there are new trends every season, it allows me to switch my looks and be spontaneous when I feel like it. There are a few trends I’ve been loving and since it’s the weekend, I decided to show you how you can incorporate these trends into your date night outfits.

This is going to be in two sessions. There’ll be one outfit today and another tomorrow so be sure to check back in for that as well. Without further ado, let’s get into today’s outfit.

What I’m wearing; theantwiwaa.com

A Bandana

Top; Thrifted

Pants; DIY

Bag; Gift from Mama

Shoes; Topshop


  • THE BANDANA TREND theantwiwaa.com

I love me a good bandana. I remember when I was way younger, I’d tie it around my hand and act like I have super powers lol. Well, guess what! The bandana is back and I’m embracing it. For this outfit, I decided to use it as a neckpiece and I really like how it came out. But there are tons of things you can do with a bandana to elevate your look. Don’t hesitate to try them out.

  • CUT OFF DENIM theantwiwaa.com

Instead of same old skinny ripped jeans or mum jeans try out denim pants with different cuts. Frayed and cut hems are probably the easiest to add to your wardrobe. I have a post on another type of denim jeans I’ve also fallen in love with here. For this outfit, I decided to stick with the cut hem type. I like that it gives me a unique look. Cool kid sort of vibe, you understand? theantwiwaa.com

When I was putting this outfit together, I had in mind, a night out with the girls. I like to look different. UNIQUE. So, instead of wearing a dress like the others might do, I’d wear my cut offs and make a statement with a bandana. Pretty much unexpected huh? You don’t have to button your shirt that way (I’m just extra) but you totally can if you want, a clutch to hold your face powder and lipstick et VOILA! theantwiwaa.com

You are ready to step out and turn some heads. I think these two trends are very okay and not as bizarre and trust me, they are worth trying out. Just in case you have plans for this weekend and not sure how to show up well, here’s an idea and I hope it comes in handy. theantwiwaa.com

If this isn’t your style or you’re not too sure if you’d rock the look, that’s okay. Check in tomorrow for something more feminine and flirty. You can also subscribe so you never miss anything. Until next time