Hi there and welcome back to my blog. This is the second post on my ‘incorporating trends series’. If you missed the first one, here’s the link. In my last post, I talked about the bandana and cut off denim trend. Today, I’m here with two more trends I like and I think you should try if you haven’t.

 What I’m wearing; theantwiwaa.com

Top; Gift

Wrap Skirt; DIY

Shoes; Topshop

Bag; Thrifted

  • GRAPHIC TEE theantwiwaa.com

Graphic Tees have been a thing for some time. From the very popular Dior Feminist Tees to the band tees we find while thrifting. I feel they have a way of expressing your ‘thought’ without you having to utter a word. I’ve seen ones with quite hilarious quotes; they just leave the reader smiling. Mine says ‘Bonjour Le weekend. Je t’aime’ – how appropriate! Uhh. If your French is not as good, I’d gladly do the translation for you. It simply means; ‘Hi weekend. I love you’ and need I say more?

  • FLORAL PRINT theantwiwaa.com

I’ve seen florals in almost every designers’ spring collection. Clearly, floral prints will be around for some time and since I’ve had this skirt for some time, I felt it was just perfect for my theme. Here’s a tip just in case you want to add some floral prints to your wardrobe. If you’re not the type to wear too much color in one outfit, stick to small or muted prints. Plain fabric with nicely scattered florals is a better option rather than 5 or 6 huge flowers on one skirt. But if you love colors and a bold statement, the bigger and brighter the better! This might seem biased but I feel pieces with simple but nice florals are classic. They can be worn in any season and they’ll still be appropriate. So, if it were up to me, I’d invest in a floral piece that I can still wear at 30. theantwiwaa.com

Now to the outfit. This one is more ‘out with the bae-ish’. Flowy skirt with a thigh high slit- flirty huh? Plus, a graphic tee that expresses my excitement about the weekend which shows that I’m excited about this date. theantwiwaa.com

You notice that there is one dominant color running through. To maintain that, I threw on black pumps and a black pure. Thing is, I really don’t see myself in a lot colors at once. But that’s just me. theantwiwaa.com

So, instead of wearing a print skirt with a plain t shirt, wear a graphic tee to make a good statement. Again, most ladies will wear a dress or pants and a blouse for a date. Switch it up and look trendy while at it. theantwiwaa.com

I hope these tip a helpful and it makes you have an open mind towards trends. Have a lovely weekend. Until next time