Over the weekend, I spent some time watching runway shows for winter-fall 2017/-2018  and I noticed one trend that we can  totally adapt into our everyday look.  Don’t worry I know we don’t have winter in this part of the world so this is not a trend that’ll leave you soaked in sweat just in case you’re wondering.

What I’m wearing; theantwiwaa.com

Top; Boohoo

Skirt; Mum’s wardrobe

Shoes; Mum’s wardrobe

Bag; Thrifted

Primary colors were huge this season. If you aren’t sure what primary colors are, they are; red, blue and yellow. There was red in almost every designer’s collection so you know it’ll be all over soon. Most of the designers showed a full red look. Everything red from head to toe (or almost) which is quite bold. If you feel like wearing all red then great! Go ahead but if you don’t think you can pull it off here are three tips that’ll help in incorporating red into your look theantwiwaa.com

  • Instead of a full red outfit, you can opt for a red blouse, skirt or pants like I did. Then, pair that with denim, black or any muted color. This way you’re tapping into the trend but in a more subtle way. theantwiwaa.com
  • Or you can wear red shoes or red nail polish with you all black outfit. Better still, red lips and a red purse to go with a neutral outfit will be perfect. theantwiwaa.com
  • This last tip is for those who don’t want to be loud with their outfit. For such individuals, you can go far a printed or plaid dress or top with red as one of the colors. That way you’re still tapping into the trend and sticking to your style. theantwiwaa.com

Red looks good on almost everybody so don’t be hesitant to add some read into your outfit. Mind you red is one color that catches the eye easily so if you like a little more attention, red is for you.

What is your favorite way to wear red? I’ll like to know in the comment section below. See you next time.