Do you ever get tired of having the same routine every week and a short breather is all you need? Exactly how I’d been feeling for some time. After almost four months of having the same routine, no dates, no adventures, just lectures and a few movies once in a while, I felt drained with each passing day; studying took more time than usual, I got stuck in the middle of drafting posts more than once, everything just took a wrong toll on me. It was very psychological; for some reason, I just felt I needed time away to rejuvenate and guess what? I had 5 days to myself during the Easter break (Happy Easter everyone!). Enough time to get inspiration, talk to people that mean the most to me, catch up with the fast-changing world and still have enough time to sleep and you know this girl didn’t let the opportunity pass her by.

I know we all our reservations when it comes to taking time off. For instance, I have friends who don’t think vacations are necessary and I totally get them. I mean, I’m all for the working hard till you can afford to take some days off but let’s be honest, we all have limits, time when productivity is low and stress is gently reaching out to us and really, if you’ve ever felt the need to take a break maybe you should. It doesn’t have to be a vacation in Hawaii or an entire week to yourself. Sometimes, a day is all you need.

What I’m wearing;

Top; Forever 21

Skirt; Zara

Shoe; Topshop

So, I’m sorry I hadn’t posted on here for some time and sorry I left without saying a word but thank you for your patience after all these days.

I’m back with a BOOM! (no, I’m not) haha. I’m just back and ready to serve you some greatness. Stay tuned.