Hi my loves! So last week I shared a few tips on how to revamp your denim jacket and how much it all goes down to personal style. Then I promised I was going to show which of the tips I incorporated into my jacket. Its Tuesday and guess who's keeping their promise..

Okay. First of all, you need to get a very good denim jacket. I got mine from a thrift store at a good deal and it's a Levi's so yaay!

Then I had to decide what exactly I wanted to make out of mine (this was the difficult part). I wanted fringes, embroidery, everything! I just couldn't make up my mind. Eventually I settled for a few rips here and there, a fringe and then some art. Mind you, this was my first attempt at actual painting so do forgive my imperfections. I didn't get a lot of pictures for the procedure but these should tell a story.

I marked the areas I wanted to distress and finished off with a pair of scissors and tweezers. Next came the fringe! This was the easiest, I just sewed it on. The painting aspect was a bit challenging. I was stuck between painting or just forgetting about it. I mean should it go wrong, I'll have to abandon the jacket and start all over. But what if it didn't go wrong? Yes, what if! It took about 2 to 3 hours to complete but once it was done, I was very proud of myself! Call me Jack of all trades lol.

I chose to call my jacket THE FRINGED OWL because the fashion industry loves fringes and owl, well, owl leaves a little bit of mystery. Plus, I have a really cute purse with a fine illustration of an owl and I thought, why not?

I was going to post pictures of just the jacket. But then I fell in love with it every passing day. So I chose to style it in two different ways and shot the looks. Of course! There are tons of ways you can style your jacket.




I hope you enjoyed today's post. And if the previous post didn't inspire you to try your hands on the denim jacket.. hopefully, this does. What do you think about my jacket? Did I nail it? Please leave a comment to let me know.

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Until next time, peace and productivity!