They say your hairstyle *insert deep hair quote here* ha! I strongly believe getting a new hairstyle comes with a brand-new attitude! If you don’t agree, we can’t be friends lol.

But Ever since I got this big fro I’ve been feeling like a girl from the 70s and funny enough, I reach out for mum jeans or flares every time I have to step out. So, it was only right to share something vintagey on here more so since I’m already in character. Dig it? PS; This post also doubles as an unconventional way to style a vintage button down dress.


What I’m wearing

Plaid dress; thrifted

Crop top; ASOS  

Bottoms; Levi’s

Bag; Prada

Shoes; Topshop

Ever got tired of wearing an item the same way all the time but then you still love it regardless? I Know that feeling. But if it’s a dress like mine, then I’ve got you. Since my dress is long, I opted to wear it as a blazer over a crop top and mum jean. There’s a really nice care free feel that comes with this outfit that I like and I think I’ll switch the heels for flats and definitely wear it to class one of these days.


Hopefully, this post is helpful. Cheers to the dresses that are going to make a major comeback. Until next time, peace and productivity.