I’ve noticed that a significant number of my readers are guys and I’ve actually been asked a number of times when I’ll create content for guys. Truth is, I’m a sucker for men fashion and I find myself religiously following and trying out a number of things male related. As a way of showing that I care about all my male followers (shout out to every one of you!) and that I see all the love you show me, I put together my top 4 fashionable Instagram accounts you should definitely follow.

Not to worry. I categorized them and explain what I like about each one of them and I believe there’s definitely one for every type of guy.

I particularly like this Instagram account because this is style is probably one of my favorites. Very masculine, well-chosen accessories and tailored suits, paying close attention to detail. He creates the ultimate refinement on and off duty and definitely has great tips for the fashionable man.

He has a thing for retro items or at least that’s what his feed suggests to me. Retro glasses and clothing for that matter. He also shares his DIY projects online. So, if that’s your style you should definitely check him out. And oh! Did I say his Instagram feed is nicely curated and very pleasing to the eye?

For the creative and free-spirited guy who wants every outfit to be unique. You’re the guy who is most likely to start a fashion trend or probably design your own clothes, well Papa Oppong takes fashion to another level. Even Rihanna agrees. He’s a fashion illustrator and designer who has been featured on Forbes and CNN. Follow him for inspiration if you want to toe that line or simply like the idea.

I honestly can’t find a category for Drew (no, I don’t know him personally). I feel like he fits in a lot of ‘categories’ or maybe I’m just bias, I really can’t tell. I’d say guys that are very trendy and up to date should definitely check him out. His style is very modern but he makes sure to add his personal twist to every outfit. Probably one of the reasons I follow his Instagram.

I chose to share these accounts because they’re my favorites, obviously, and also because I feel in one way or every guy can draw inspiration from one or two of these accounts. Thank you for constantly coming back. Let me know if any of these accounts appeal to your sense style. Until next time,