Even I am tired of hear the ‘W’ word but you may agree with me that finding an outfit that works for both formal and informal settings is a great idea. Mostly because it may not be convenient enough to have a change of clothes along the line.

Today, I share 4 tips on how you can easily transition your work wear to casual wear for days you have post work plans. I decided to wear a white button down and a midi skirt with a slit on the thigh and an embroidery detailing on the waistline. I felt it will be easier to transition this ensemble from day to night.   theantwiwaa.com

  • Wear versatile pieces

A button down is a versatile piece that is very easy to dress down or up. so, I highly recommend you wear a button down for such cases, otherwise, you can wear a very dressy dress and then, dress it down for work by throwing on a blazer. I prefer buttons because (1) I am not a big fan of dresses and (2) because I can easily roll up the sleeves and look informal. Now, depending on how formal your dress code at work is, jeans may not be appropriate. So, I advise you stick to tailored pants or skirts like I did. You noticed what I did with the slit, didn’t you?

  • Choose a dressy bag

Ditch your boxy “laptop work bag’ and go for something dressier. You can choose a bag with removable straps like I did because once you take off the straps, it may easily come across as a clutch which is a great idea. theantwiwaa.com

  • Accessorize

Accessories are probably the most important part of transitioning a work look to a play look. Switch up your black heels or flats with bolder dressier shoes. Patent leather is also ideal for informal settings and if you like very bold jewelry, go for it! One of the reasons I chose my skirt was because of the embroidery detail on the waist line, it is not so pronounced hence it can easily pass for a formal wear but is still prominent enough to spice up the look. Now you know what inspired my choice of shoes.

  • Makeup theantwiwaa.com

Another way to master the informal look is by picking bold makeup especially if you are transitioning from work. Slap on some bold lipstick and glittery eye shadow for that dressed up look.

Since the festive season is around the corner, there may be a few more events than usual and you really do not have to rush home for a change of clothes EVERY TIME. Sometimes, all you need is lipstick and a few buttons off!

I hope this post is helpful. Do let me know if it is and thank you for the emails you send. I will prefer you comment beneath the posts but if you are too shy, that’s okay. Just shoot me a mail. Have an amazing week.