Do you ever outgrow a dress you’re not willing to let go? So, you hold onto it with the hope that one day, it’ll come in handy. Well, that’s pretty much the story of this lace dress and look who made it to the blog today!

What I’m wearing;

Top; Lace dress

Shoes; DIY

Earrings; DIY

Bag; Prada (thrifted)

When It comes to fashion, I don’t think there’s anything like the right or wrong way to wear things. It comes down to your preference and comfort. So, wearing this dress as a top may not be conventional but I liked how it came out so I documented it.

If you hold on to clothes like me, maybe it’s time to dig them out and find different ways to style them. This dress for instance, at first I was thinking I should just make it into a crop top or split the sides or at a point even layer it with a black camisole, so many refreshing ideas to try. Eventually, I took out the lining because styling a shear top felt like a ‘more chic’ idea (*wink*).  This goes to show that there’s a lot you can do with clothes because really, it’s not all about the clothes. It’s about how you feel and how graceful you are in your clothes that seals the deal.

I hope this inspires to try out something different. Do leave a comment if you liked this look. Suggestions and ideas are definitely welcome. Until next time, peace and productivity.