Ever tried on something you weren’t sure you could pull off and totally surprise yourself? Let me tell you my story. First of all, I’m not sure if this qualifies to be an ‘agbada’ but it’s originally a two piece. A bottom and this dress like top. My mom bought it from one of her trips to Nigeria, I think and I was totally in love with the embroidery design on the front, I still am. The only problem was I really wasn’t sure if I could pull of the full look. I don’t particularly like loose pants. If you have thick thighs you’ll understand lol. Then I thought why not wear it as a dress and boom! Here I am!

Lesson is – when it comes to clothes, never say never because one day you might end up wearing never!

What I’m wearing; theantwiwaa.com

Dress; Mums agbada top

Shoes; Jet

Bag; Prada

I’m particularly loving yellow lately. I feel it works really nicely with my skin tone. That’s actually one of the reasons I held on to this piece. theantwiwaa.com

But in general, I like the boxy look of the dress which has been a thing for some time. I like that women are very aware of the fact that clothes don’t have to be form fitting or hugging to make you look attractive. That you can actually wear boxy clothes and still nail it.

I also love the embroidery, that is also a thing. Only that, this one is very much unique and more African inspired. Love it! theantwiwaa.com

I paired my dress with a pair of suede strappies and a bag and viola. It’s pretty heart breaking that I’m always at home lately. Relaxing and preparing myself for corporate Ghana, that’s what I tell myself. But when I finally step out and decide to wear this, I’ll throw on a pair of shorts underneath just in case it gets windy outside. I’d wear this to a very relaxed get together as I feel this outfit is really fun, effortless and relaxed. theantwiwaa.com

Don’t give up on clothes so easily. Try out various ‘techniques’ of wearing them. Sometimes, it can be as simple as wearing one piece without the other like I did. I hope you have a great weekend. See you soon and thanks for stopping by.