I told y’all this belt is the bomb dot com! If you doubted me, joke is on you! I had quite a tough time deciding which of the outfits I came up with should make it to the blog. I decided to go with this one in the end.

  • 1, because I finally get to wear these neon-like heels. I’ve had them for a bit and haven’t really worn them because of the color. Moral lesson; don’t buy items just because you think they’re nice. Visualize how every item you buy fits into your wardrobe before paying for it.
  • 2, I wanted an outfit that you can easily put together.

What I’m wearing; theantwiwaa.com

Top; Brother’s wardrobe

Skirt; Thrifted

Belt; DIY

Shoes; River Island

Be honest, you thought I was wearing a dress, no? Well, it’s a men’s button-down shirt and a bodycon skirt.

I basically wore the shirt the other way around so the buttons were behind. Tucked the shirt in and added a cold shoulder effect. Next, I threw on my DIY ANKARA BELT, my shoes and sunglasses to complete the look. Now, tell me I didn’t SLAY. theantwiwaa.com theantwiwaa.com

I really like this belt not just because I made it. I feel the styling possibilities are endless and you’ll definitely see more of it. I just thought I should warn you. How will you style this belt?

Comment below if you have any ideas.