Hola! Welcome back. I’ve had one of those tough yet fun weeks (I’ll tell you all about it soon) but today I’m talking outfits and bags. You readyyy?!

Before I get into anything, let me give you a little history on me and bags. I’m the type of girl who tends to gravitate towards crossbodies because honestly, I’ll rather wear my bag all day than carry it around. I mean, I’ll go to the gym if I want to work on my arms. One of the problems I’ve had in the past is buying bags on impulse. If you have been with me from the beginning of my blog (YOU’RE THE REAL MVP!) you’d have heard about my owl bag, the bag that inspired my DIY painted denim jacket! So, I totally love that bag but I haven’t worn it up to 4 times. it just doesn’t look right with any of my clothes which brings me to tip number 1 on bags.

  • If you can’t think of more than 5 ways to rock it, don’t buy it!

There are those bags that catch your attention instantly. Then you get home and realize well maybe you shouldn’t have bought it. I advise that you think thoroughly about it and be sure that whatever you’re buying works with your wardrobe. Future advice. What if you already have a bag you love but aren’t sure how to rock it… I got you!           theantwiwaa.com

Jeans; DIY | Waistcoat; Thrifted  | Bag; @fromlamisi

I received this beautiful handmade leather bag from @fromlamisi and I love it. Especially the shape of it and according to the brand, one of its major problems is that people aren’t sure how to style the bags they produce. So, I put together my top tips on styling bags in general. I hope they’re helpful. theantwiwaa.com

  • Start with BASICS

My number 1 tip for styling any bag at all is to build up on basics; t-shirts, denim or a skirt. When you can’t figure out what to wear your bag with or you don’t have similar colored outfits, build up on your basic. theantwiwaa.com

My outfit for instance, I applied two ‘theories, I’ll talk about the 2nd soon. I wore black jeans, and oversized t-shirt and black pumps.  No color coordination trouble. Basics make your outfit appear less busy, if that’s your style, go for it.

  • Go monochrome!

Like it’s that simple! No color coordination, no case! This is perfect if you want to make a statement with your bag. Keeping everything else the same color-all white, all blue, instantly draws the eye to your bag. I particular like to monochrome when I don’t feel like trying too hard. Open your wardrobe, pick up items of the same shade and you’re out the door.

  • Color coordinate? Where?

In my opinion, nobody really pays close attention to whether your bag matches your shoes or your belt matches your blouse, nobody. Fashionistas have been mismatching and mixing prints for so long and I honestly think you can also do that. As long as the entire outfit is in sync, you owe nobody an explanation! This is the 2nd ‘theory’ I talked about early on. My outfit looked quite plain without the waist coat. The waist coast added some character and uniqueness to my outfit. Plus, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the colors in the coat don’t particular match those of the bag. theantwiwaa.com

Feel free to experiment with bags. Ask for a second opinion if you’re not too sure about your entire outfit. Once you’ve worn your bag 3 or 4 times, styling it will be a piece of cake and guess who already has 3 styles up her sleeves? YOU! theantwiwaa.com

I hope these tips are helpful. Feel free to leave your tips on styling bags if you have any. I’d love to learn from you. Until next time