I notice that lately I like the idea of mixing prints. Stripes, florals, African prints, I simply like the way they look together. It’s different and unexpected and I like that. I’m still experimenting with mixing prints but here are a few points for beginners who’d want to tap into the style but are not too sure how to go about it.

What I’m wearing; theantwiwaa.com

Top; Brother's wardrobe

Skirt; MINE! (obviously)

Shoe; Topshop

  • Stick to two prints

If you’re not a pro on prints mixing, it’s safest to start with two prints at a time. They can either be florals, leopard prints, polka dots and the list goes on. Sticking to two prints makes your outfit less busy and cluttered. For my outfit, I chose stripes and an African print. Mind you, I’m not saying mixing 3 or 4 prints is a bad idea. If you have the expertise, go for it!

  • Base color theantwiwaa.com

Look for a base color in your prints. So, when you decide to mix prints make sure they share a common color. Let’s take my outfit for instance, my base color is blue. So, you can see that the little circles in my skirt are blue and they’re almost the same shade of blue as my shirt. I could’ve worn a shirt with an orange base color or even white as well. In all, having a base color makes your outfit cohesive.

  • When in doubt wear stripes

Again, as a beginner in print mixing (that sounded much better in my head. Lol) who wants to experiment with prints, one of the tips I’ll suggest is to pair your other prints with stripes. Stripes go with almost anything; florals, African print and even other stripes, stripes on stripes is also another great idea. I chose to wear my African print skirt with a stiped shirt and it wasn’t bad at all.

Bonus tip; is to play around with the contrast. You can pair a wide printed blouse with a narrower print at the bottom or vice versa. The play on different sized prints looks pleasing to the eye. theantwiwaa.com

I don’t even know why I’m always trying to dance while shooting. Thank God I have patient people in my life. Thank God!

Learned anything new? Comment if you did and if you have any tips of your own on mixing prints. I’d love to hear them. until next time, seize every opportunity you have, you might never know..