Currently wrapped up in my COFFEE LIP SCRUB which doubles up as a face scrub. Just felt I should give myself some good good loving. Plus, my first month of blogging is coming to an end, feels so good.

A day to the end of 2016 and I can barely believe it. God has been good. 2016 came with a lot of good times. A few of the best things that have happened to me happened this year; made a few tough decisions here and there.. I feel I could write a book about this year. But! let's get into today's outfit already.

What am I wearing:

Top: Sewing Project

Skirt: Thrifted

Shoes: Topshop

Bag: Gift

There were so many trends this year, from off shoulder tops to 4 inched sneakers. I tried a few but these two are definitely going into 2017 with me!

Bell sleeves

Bold sleeves were all over the place this year. I liked ruffled sleeves and bell sleeves the most. I'm thinking whenever I decide to wear any of these, I'd probably eat at home before going out. Imagine having a soup meal in this.. lol. Believe me when I say these clothes were not made for eating.

Shredded Denim

One can never have too much denim. I was cleaning out my wardrobe the other day and I realized I have quite a number of denim jeans. Funny enough, most of them have been tampered with in one way or the other (if you know what I mean). I've made a mental note to buy more skirts and dresses in 2017. But let's be honest, the best part of this denim trend is that it is easily doable. I discussed a few THINGS you can make out of your denim some time ago just in case you missed it.

What were your favorite trends from 2016? Which of them is going into 2017 with you? Do leave a comment below, thank you.